International PR and Approach

Public relations can easily be broken down country to country, state to state, or even city by city. There is however perhaps the broadest spectrum that is international public and consumer relations. Because many business driven countries operate all over the globe dealing with imports and exports it is important that international relations exist. In the same right dealing with our governing bodies, it is their job to keep the public informed on matters pertaining outside our residing countries.

International relations exist to keep the masses up to date with what exactly is going on with their business. In so many cases today, countless countries are importing and exporting a variety of goods to and from other countries. These goods include food, cars, technology, clothes, and furniture. A consumer may want to research beforehand exactly where an item they may be purchasing is coming from. Obviously the country in which the good is made will yield a different quality to another, so it is important as a consumer to know your brand. Brands should also make sure that the quality of their items reflects who they are as a brand.

A list of countries the United States does business with can be found here:


Similar to international business relations, international political relations is a huge factor in public relations. The United States alone has relations with numerous foreign countries, whether they are good or bad. It is international relations duty to keep the masses updated on anything of importance that may affect them. With all the turmoil in the Middle East and other places around the world, it is important that the people stay informed on the situations unraveling around us. Our officials have a duty to remain open with the public as much as possible.

A small overview of the United States foreign relations can be found here:

Do you think international relations should operate on such a high level of dependency? Should each country be more localized?



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