Communication is Key

There are obviously a multitude of variables and components that contribute to make a functional yet reliable public relations group. Though the list is extensive, it all boils down to one essential element: communication. Communication on the surface seems like a pretty simple concept, but when dealing with a large group or company things can easily get lost in translation if the right precautions aren’t taken. The word itself can mean just one thing but the term goes much deeper than a simple definition.

The universal goals of communication are as follows: to inform, to persuade, to motivate and to build mutual understanding. Within a business setting, this group of goals doubles as an outline for doing business among larger groups. When all of these goals can be applied and executed effectively, healthy business practice is created. The same goes for public relations. Remaining transparent and communicating a clear message to the public and their counterpart’s helps public relations remain in good standing.

Many companies have had blunders in the past were communication just seemingly fell through. Years ago, TV network giant, Cartoon Network ran a campaign in promotion for their new show which featured a placement of numerous mysterious LED devices around Boston. Since no one on the outside was aware to guerilla marketing scheme happening, the public’s initial reaction was that the devices were makeshift bombs. Many employees lost their jobs over the campaign, a true nightmare for any type of public relations team. Had the company communicated a little better and gave some context as to what they were planning the result may have been a bit brighter and perceived a bit smoother. Just one of many examples of how imperative communication truly is.


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